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Weruva’s Natural Kitty Litter

As most of our regular cat loving customers already know, the Weruva company sets high standards in quality, functionality, and trustworthiness, so when they introduced their new alternative litter option, we were cautiously optimistic. Now, after some tests, trials, and observations, we’re excited to report that we have finally found an all natural kitty litter that actually works!

Why does it work so well? Weruva cat litter is composed primarily of Hinoki wood and green tea, both of which are natural bacteria and odor suppressants.

What is Hinoki wood? Hinoki wood, also known as Japanese cypress, is a popular sustainable wood from Japan. Because of it’s natural resistance to humidity, it’s commonly used in temples, shrines, and saunas (you will recognize the scent!). Humidity resistance is paramount to suppressing the growth of mildew and bacteria–the main culprits of bad litter box odors. With the environment in mind, Weruva repurposes Hinoki wood by-products from other industries.

Why is there Green Tea in my cat’s litter? Green tea naturally harbors antioxidant compounds called catechins, which also help to suppress odor causing bacteria.

What else makes Weruva cat litter so awesome? Not only are traditional clay based litters bad for the environment, they are also heavy, dusty (which is bad for you and kitty), and often much too perfumey. Weruva Cat Litter is sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, extremely lightweight, virtually dust free, and instead of masking odors with unpleasant perfumes, it prevents odors altogether. Its longevity was surprising and it has a naturally occurring fresh, clean, pleasant scent. Our test subject kitties didn’t even require the suggested transition period–they just climbed right in and did their business!

So if you’ve been let down by natural litters of the past, we highly encourage you to give Mother Nature one more chance with Weruva Cat Litter, now available in store at Dog Day Afternoon!

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