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Does your dog have a scooty booty? Does he drag his rear across the carpet or constantly lick beneath his tail? That stinks! Literally!

These are the tell-tale (or tell-tail!) signs of a common issue: irritated anal glands.

Yuck! What are anal glands? Anal glands are two small fluid producing sacs located beneath your dog’s tail. During a bowel movement, the fluid is released with the stool as a scent marker, which explains why some dogs sniff other dogs’ poo with such curiosity.

Why are they irritated? If your dog is exhibiting signs of irritation, the anal glands are likely overfilled with fluid, blocked, or inflamed. You will know when your dog is suffering from irritation when he scoots, licks his rear excessively, or seems uncomfortable around his hind end. You may also notice leakage of anal gland fluid or a sudden strong odor when the fluids are spontaneously released. Often, these issues will require a trip to the vet.

What causes this? When the anal glands are not properly expressed as your dog passes stool, build up occurs. For healthy anal gland function, a dog’s stool should be firm and solid. Loose stool, poor diet, and obesity are the most common causes of anal gland issues, but genetic factors like physical anatomy in some breeds can also play a big role in malfunction.

How does one support healthy anal gland function? A high quality biologically appropriate diet, exercise, and healthy weight are key to overall digestive health, but Glandex provides additional support to any dog with chronic anal gland issues and maintains healthy anal gland function for all dogs! Available as a tasty peanut butter treat or a liver flavored powder, Glandex is palatable and easy to administer. Glandex is made in USA and comprised of safe, natural ingredients, including anti-inflammatories, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Specially formulated with a unique fiber blend, Glandex will firm up stools and create the perfect environment for healthy anal gland function.  

Glandex is easy, safe, guaranteed, recommended by veterinarians everywhere, and best of all it is now available at Dog Day Afternoon!


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