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It’s a Tea Potty!

Weruva’s Natural Kitty Litter As most of our regular cat loving customers already know, the Weruva company sets high standards in quality, functionality, and trustworthiness, so when they introduced their new alternative litter option, we were cautiously optimistic. Now, after some tests, trials, and observations, we’re excited to report that we have finally found an

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Help! We’ve been skunked!

  The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. Spring is officially on its way! As Mother Nature awakens, so do all of the plants and animals that have been sleeping away the winter months. It’s also a time of year that we start spending more time outdoors, going on walks and

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Safe Paw Ice Melter

Winter weather in the Midwest always means ice and snow. Prepare your home with Safe Paw Ice Melter! Most ice melting products are composed primarily of salts, which can be dangerous for pets. It can be an irritant on paws and can be harmful when ingested. Safe Paw is a salt free ice melter, guaranteed

On the Fifth Day of Christmas…!

Today’s special deal in our 12 Day of Christmas event is too fun! With any purchase of toys, treats, and/or accessories valued at $20.00 or more, pet parents can pick a Holiday themed Zanies plush squeaky toy off our or Christmas tree. For free! This offer is only good on Wednesday, while supplies last, so

On the First Day of Christmas, my human gave to me…!

Our Holiday Edition Fruitables are actually made with real snowflakes from the Rocky Mountains! For today only, they are just $2.99, and that’s while supplies last, so hurry in! Great Stocking Stuffers or Party Gifts Low Calorie Treats Vanilla Flavor that dogs love! Made in the USA

Dog Days of Summer: Bug Off!

When we share our homes with cats and dogs, we often find ourselves sharing our homes with much less cuddly critters. Fleas and ticks make everybody squeamish, and rightfully so! These pests are notorious for spreading diseases, causing allergies, and just being generally terrible nuisances. In the Midwest, they are especially problematic in the summertime,

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